We participate in two time dimensions when we receive a blessing or give one. Of course we can see that a blessing occurs in the now at a significant moment in time. What we don’t see as easily is that a blessing continues its action in timeless time.

To become aware of this even just a little is to participate in miracles. Blessings that reach into our hearts and those that emerge from our hearts make a force of goodness that does not end.

Phrases posted on Facebook February 2017

In times that are dark and difficult we can feel both helpless as well as enraged and flip between the two states. What can sustain us? What can we be “for” without feeling ambivalent? I think it is the capacity to bless: my subject in February.
Blessing is a way of claiming that even though goodness might for a time be invisible, it is nevertheless as close to us as our breath.
Blessing is an act of recognition and confirmation. For instance, blessing food before eating it we open to nourishment that is bigger then the meal on our plate.
Blessing those whom we have difficulty with takes away the emotional sting of their power over us. We find our own place to stand and be.
Each day is a possible angel that would hold our hands. So then is it not a receptive attitude that allows blessing to cross our thresholds and find us?
Many people have told me that blessings can appear as dark apparitions: a diagnosis we dread, the loss of someone dear, a sudden change we are not prepared for. Yet in meeting these “strangers” at our door we might also meet what might make us whole.
A strange gift is language! Words can destroy relationships and words can bestow blessings. There, at the tip of our tongues is the power to bless or
to make pain. What a chance to be about grace and mending!
Blessing always comes to us naked – no strings attached. No tit for tat.
Our ancient biology has our minds trained on survival and danger. We need a blessing mind to see, partake in and support the inherent goodness all around us despite the fearful conditions we see that are very real and have arisen out of our collective old minds. Blessing is a social activism on a cellular level. It is available to everyone.
The more we bless the more blessing there is. As abundant as salt is in the ocean so blessing can be in our lives. When we understand this we will find the amazing secret that in blessing we in turn are blessed. What a bargain! It’s called SOUL- FULL- NESS.
When we truly take in a blessing it is like a light in the dark that shows us the path to love’s door.
When we bless we are asking that a circle of beneficence and light surround whatever we are blessing as well as us. We are mutual participants in a field of goodness. There is no distance between what is being blessed and us. That is what makes blessing so powerful.
I think to dare to be entirely present we need first to receive blessings in whatever shape they come to us and as often as possible. It is as enriched human beings that we an act humanly and be of blessing to others.
Day to day we may forget, but our souls always know there is an intrinsic goodness at the heart of reality. Acts of blessing affirm the presence of that intimate power and help us be agents of it.