What an extraordinary power the imagination is. Anything we hold in our minds consistently over time tends to manifest. It’ no small feat to catch the subtle every day stuff we carry around and so make happen as if we had nothing to do with it.

Imagination for good is holy work.

Phrases posted on Facebook July 2016

We learn by going where we need to go, but it requires a bit of imagination, too: my subject for July.
Being able to imagine is a great human capacity. A tough thing to own is that we are imagining all the time about others, ourselves and about the world around us. We then take action on those images for good and for ill. It’s a sobering power.
If we can imagine a good, small change that we feel we can make now then already a bigger picture has begun to unfold.
Many writers, artists and healers find that a tiny prompt can, by the act of the imagination, start a short story, a painting, or a welcome healing. It’s amazing how fertile the mind can be. Here is a little prompt as an example: Already this morning I knew that …..  Let imagined possibility open new doors.
Continuing with prompts let your deep imagination answer what in me is asking for more time, expansion and life at this time?
To image what would bring us more wholeness is not just a personal task. Whole people bring their wholeness to their communities and others benefit.
We have ideal images of ourselves and also profoundly negative images of who we think we are also. Both are flawed. The truth is not in either extreme but in something humble and precious that we can hardly imagine without someone loving us.
The difference between imagination and fantasy is big. Fantasy is like a daydream. It entertains. Imagination on the other hand has vital energy and the impetus to bring things into manifestation.
Imagination is playful. It is always asking what if . . .  inviting us to look at things from a different angle. Ask a what if question What if I tried . . . and see what happens. It’s a way to play yourself forward.
If we feel that we not only can but also want to and need to get on with what we have deeply imagined then we have a green light and sanctions to begin a true and grand adventure in bringing something into being. The combination of want and deep need is rocket fuel.
To imagine and ask for another’s highest good is a prayer. By such we are included and woven into greater goodness.