September is back to school time for many. For all of us the school of life is open every season and every day, all day. Without fail we will encounter limitations as part of the curriculum. It’s a pithy thing to think about.

Limits are to be honored for sure, and to be overcome if they can be. So when we relate to a limitation rightly, it may open doors we hadn’t seen before . . . doors of acceptance or spiritual growth, doors of mutual help, doors of courage, grit and more.

Phrases Posted on Facebook, September 2019

To have a good game of tennis, cribbage or monopoly, there are known rules i.e. limits within which the players abide in order to play. Understood with acceptance, limits are needed and can be full of grace. It’s a very creative act of consciousness to know and love our limits.
It is possible for a limit to have some fluid edges, places where a bit of flexibility exists. Here I think of a tree, how it is limited by a deep rootedness that it must have to live and grow. It has a place to which it belongs. But above the ground, the trunk and branches can sway and move in the wind and another ring of growth can be added to the trunk.
A cactus can’t survive in the arctic. A delicate woodland violet will have a hard time in the desert. We are given the limits of our natures and our circumstances. Working with the given, we need to find ways to push the limits in order to grow and to cultivate our freedom and wholeness.

Setting a limit for ourselves is a creative act. This I will keep to. This is where I’ll abide. Paradoxically it allows us to grow deep roots into what is yet unknown at the outset. There can be great creativity and adventure in setting limits.

That’s the limit! we sometimes say when we come to what we think is simply too much. But do we ever know what the limit is? The universe is expanding every second and is far more mysterious than our human comprehension can fathom. Perhaps we need to be humble and say that’s the limit for today.
When do we know we have reached our limit? We can’t know ahead of time. It is just the truth when it is the truth. In the meantime the task is to carry on with as much confidence and lightness of step we can muster. An attitude of, I think I can, helps a lot.
Here is something to think on when a limit is galling. The antidote is hidden in the word itself.
I loved the game of hopscotch as a kid. In playing it, you jumped from one square to another as we do in life. Each square is a unique place we inhabit for a little while and where we still have to do some discerning of boundaries. I have a friend who sorts her limits by saying, That’s not in my square! Sometimes knowing what is not in our squares makes more room for what is.
I am sure you have heard stories of the fantastic strength some people have had beyond what is thought of as human. When a loved one is trapped under a car, for instance, they are somehow able to lift unbelievable weight to free their loved one. It seems that limits have exceptions depending on the circumstances. If the circumstances are love, all bets are off what is possible.
Isn’t it a relief that there are no limits to loving and to acts of kindness? We have limitless possibilities to exercise them both every day.
30 days has September. This day is the last day. It’s the month’s limit. The positive side of limits is that when something comes to an end, something new has a chance to develop. That’s good to remember when we feel stymied and forlorn. It’s good to believe that when a door closes, a window in time has already opened.