The Gift Of Obstacles

I’ve always been in awe of hurdlers, the way they fly over the barriers placed in their way. They soar, legs stretched to the max, a kind of low flying while hardly losing any momentum. They don’t even stumble when they hit the ground and continue. Ah, to be so adept at managing obstacles! I […]

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Kindness is the sweetest friend to our souls. In a world that is so challenging and fraught with uncertainty kindness to ourselves and to others brings us sanctuary. It is the invisible home that makes visible sacred and shows us how to live more effectively and with more dignity. Being kind is perhaps the most […]

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I think we first encounter beauty is the luminous moments of our childhood. Maybe it lay in our mother’s smile, in the way sunlight fell on our bed, or in the smell of new-mown grass. Those moments can inform our whole life. What do you remember as beautiful from back then? For me it was […]

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Of course, it is impossible to write about love without sounding trite. There are so many kinds of love— erotic, platonic, filial, devotional, practical—stiff words that can’t come close to describing the heart’s movement towards another be it, partner, child, parent or pet or areas of experience such as music, poetry, painting, gardening, etc. In […]

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Sometimes I think of the word, nevertheless, as an accordion word. Just thinking it whenever we are stuck opens another little space for something else. I wonder if both compassion and creativity aren’t part of that word? No matter how we may define the world or how it impinges on us, we can nevertheless imagine […]

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