The holidays are not a peaceful time. We hurry to get everything done and worry about money, time, feelings, and expectations. What a good time to think a little bit about peace! Peace can be an inner sense of stillness – a place beyond thought and striving. It can also be full, blazing joy where me and mine melt into a loving us and where an un-managed harmony becomes our experience and gift to others.

Phrases Posted on Facebook, December 2019

Ease rhymes with peace. They are not the same though we may confuse them. One way that persons can experience peace is when they know and align with their deepest convictions. Then actions follow, whatever the outcomes may turn out be. Being in deep agreement with oneself brings inner peace as well as ease.
We live in many dimensions. There can be inward peace and outward turmoil and the other way around. Giving up on how peace is supposed to be we’ll discover many, mini moments throughout our days. Cultivating that awareness is an ongoing path to living meaningfully.
To give up the habit and effort to want a different past is the beginning of peace. A cliché perhaps, but when we walk the open road called NOW, our presence has the possibility to be kinder. Our bodies can be less stressed, and we can grow more tenderness towards our selves and others.
We can’t ever know and understand the whole story of why someone hurt us. But to make peace with that someone, we can own that our judgments have made a hostile and thorny barrier. It’s an important beginning to finding more inner peace.
Peace doesn’t come easily. We are too easily divided between notions of right and wrong. Peace is a taught circus wire to balance on, and one we still must embrace if we are to continue on our way. Accepting that peace comes in embracing tension with graciousness and spacious attention is a way to keep going.
Sitting quietly with ones we care about, not a word spoken, peace arrives and says everything.
What do we want to nurture this season if not moments of peace where we can claim a little break from managing and producing so as to be able to gaze with acceptance on all that is? We will then be, if only for a few moments, a safe zone for others.
We talk about doing things piecemeal, bit by bit. How about doing things peace-meal like a dot-to-dot drawing? In time we get to see the picture of what has been drawn out of us, what we’ve really been up to . . . with grace it could be peace making.
Sometimes we might think, especially during the holidays, that everyone should try to contribute to a common peace and joy. We know, though, that old wounds can surface, and just when we hope everything will be lovely, someone starts in with the old stories, and there goes peace flying out the window. But, if even one of us can find that place inside that gives room for difference, a little peace is sure to return. That’s Christmas present worth giving.
Peace is not owed us. Peace is something we own by practicing it. Whatever happens around us, individually, we are the only ones that can experience peace and by doing so shine it forth. It’s a kind of starlight we can radiate into any darkness.
Here is a profound recipe for a life of peace. It’s a quote attributed to the Buddha. I wish dearly I could tell you where I first read it so proper credit could be given. Here’s the quote. “In the end only three things matter: how much you loved, how gently you lived, and how gracefully you let go of things not meant for you.”
So much about experiencing peace is giving up the judgment of others and of ourselves. Doing so opens an inner spaciousness where the quality of peacefulness naturally arises and wraps us in its infinite arms.
A new year is upon us full of potential, challenges and surprises. Making New Year’s resolutions that will soon be broken is actually defeating. Better to take a deep breath and to realize that most of us are doing the best we can most of the time. We can’t do what we can’t do. There’s a little peace in accepting that, and it allows us to do all that we can do.