We’re headed for Thanksgiving though Christmas décor is almost usurping the holiday. There were snow showers in RI yesterday. Fall is turning to winter. The seasons slide into each other, and though many things remain the same, there is a lot that has changed completely. There is a reason why the killing frost signals new life. Being seasoned by the seasons is my subject for November.

Phrases Posted on Facebook, November 2019

We are all entering the cold season. If there is an extra, unused coat or set of boots what are they doing in our closets? It’s time to share. Don’t we need to keep each other warm in the cold times? That task belongs to all of us and is as ancient as the discovery of fire.
Some years ago I wrote a book called Embracing the Seasons. Amazingly it is still in print. In the book I wrote about all that I could notice through a year in the environment where I was living then. But here I would ask you to ask yourself what inner season you are in? Would you enter into it as a reality the way fall and winter are realties we accept? So much can be learned if we accept with tenderness where we actually are in our feeling lives.
We don’t like the inner wintertime. We don’t respect it much. Mostly we just endure it. But just as in nature this is a time of resting, of allowing the mystery of rooting into deeper soil. It’s stark, yes, and a time with a different kind of beauty.
In grocery stores everywhere there are condiments, rubs, relishes, salts and sauces to make our food more delicious. How do we want to season this holiday season that is fast upon us? What awareness, what attitudes and actions do we want to sprinkle our days with to make this time one of nourishment and care? We do have the ability to flavor our days with intention.
What if the season to be jolly is not jolly? This is true for many as issues from the past arise despite the tinsel. Those old wounds need a deep healing marinade of compassion for inside them there is energy that wants to be used for joy and purpose. We need to tenderize (excuse the pun) these tough memories until we gain what is of value hidden inside them.
Take a moment when you can and sense how you are (even though it may be hard) exactly where you are meant to be. What way are you asked to work with and to surrender to the season it now is in your life?
In nature, female creatures come into season . . . Their bodies are opened to being impregnated. This is both natural and visceral. There are times when we (male of female) are also open to becoming mothers of something new. The advent season is soon here. Could we sense what wants to be born (both carried and birthed) in us? Can we say yes?
Today is gratitude day. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. We are not alone in thinking that this is the gratitude season, and that not only this day but also every day is a gift.
It’s the last day of the month. Now jingle bells will be heard more times than we can keep track of. What else can we hear and listen for this holiday season? What whispered blessing wants to enter our awareness? What tenderness wants to touch our lives?