We have two hands: one for receiving and one for giving. Putting our hands together, however, they make a cup, a little cistern where what we have been given can fill to the full and can then be shared with others. To receive fully enables us to share fully. It is the sustainable energy of serving.

Phrases posted on Facebook August 2016

All of us in one way or another are serving something even if it is just our whims.
I look forward to taking a little closer look at that subject this month of August. 
We might think we know what we are in the service of, but if we stopped just once a day to ask what we were really doing at that moment, we’d be humbled. Taking up any small task and doing it with full attention, for its own sake, with gentleness and kindness will illuminate the day.
Really getting to know our selves someone said (maybe Stephen Levine) is one insult after the other. It’s astounding how much we serve the promptings of our egos! These are often subtle agendas of trying to look good or avoiding looking bad to others (but really it is to ourselves, right?). We forget that life has chosen us and has given us endorsement to BE with full approval and no strings attached. Knowing this I want to serve gratitude.
We tend to say yes or no to things people ask of us without consulting what it is we, in an authentic way, are serving. When we know what that is, answers to requests won’t be knee-jerk but considered.
A lovely challenge is to start the day posing a personal question. No matter what the ups and downs will be today, what encompassing attitude do I wish to be in the service of? The living of the day will surely be different because we asked.
We call going to church going to a worship service. There is wisdom in this language. Anytime we pay close attention aren’t we in a kind of service? We may not realize how close this is to worship. Making gods out of unworthy things is easy for us humans. The hard part is waking up and giving our attention, our service, to what is worthy.
Given a chance we all try to be of concrete, practical service where it is needed. And most of the time we do. This is good, but since we don’t know what is best for anyone in a spiritual sense, could we also hold those dear to us and those that challenge us in Light? We will then be in the service of something much larger than any of our own solutions.
When we are fully present as we are doing something or spending time with someone, we give the best service we can give. It’s profound and simple for in serving the moment we also serve life itself.
There is something lovely about rendering a small, quiet service. We simply do it because. In that moment kindness has its way with us. We serve because we can. It’s freeing.
To serve is not as we sometimes think an elimination of self. It is actually a fulfilling and expression of self.
Serving is not always active. It can look very different. My father-in-law used to say this quote: They also serve who stand and wait.
To do one little task with all the care and concentration we can muster will teach us again that service is often its own reward.
We can serve with a smile or serve with a frown. But we all know that sunshine emanating from our faces makes a world of difference.
Serves him right we’ve heard said when someone is brought up short by negative circumstances they have created by their own actions. When we serve from the heart it serves us right in return. Asking, Am I serving from my heart? is a good question to pose before we plunge ahead.
Instead of revving why not serve the moment’s need? It’s simpler and takes a lot less energy.