We have a new year and a new month to live. What can be trusted as we step out into the days and hours ahead? It’s kind of startling to really look into what we trust. A lot of it is automatic like trusting that the sun is still shining even when it is a cloudy day. Why not take a moment to exhale completely and trust that another inhalation will be ours? Breathing is such a miraculous constancy until we take our very last one. Maybe taking breath-breaks can give us breathing room, and there we might find a greater trust and tenderness towards our lives.

Phrases Posted on Facebook, January 2020

There is at the core of every human being a holy place that we cannot destroy whether we own it, refuse to believe it exists or simply are unconscious of it. That core place is pure and good no matter what we have done or have not done in our lives. When we trust its isness we have a home to return to where the raggedness of living is restored and where we can begin again.
We don’t have to trust more than the very next step in our journey. Point that toe, step into the next moment. Keep it up. Using that little itty-bitty trust will take us the whole nine yards.
It is paradoxical that a deeper trust ensues in a relationship when we own having done something wrong to harm the bond. Owning our frailties makes us more human, and more trust worthy. It’s a bit the way scar tissue is stronger than regular tissue. BUT if we keep doing the same harmful thing, trust goes out the window.
It’s fascinating to see a little spider release a thin thread from its middle, a something that looks almost invisible and fragile. And then the spider hangs from it, trusting the filament’s strength. I like thinking about that. A little bit of trust from within, nothing huge at all, can be amazingly strong.
Some of the best teachers I’ve ever met are those who give responsibilities to their kids trusting them to follow through. If the kids don’t, they are nevertheless given another chance. Witnessing and trusting potential in others is one of the greatest gifts we can give each other.
I love a prayer attributed to St. Therese of Lisieux. She begins by asking us to embrace peace. Next she invites us to trust that we are exactly where we are meant to be. Then we are to remember the numberless possibilities that are born of faith. Here’s how the prayer goes: “May today there be peace within. May you trust God that you are exactly where you are meant to be. May you not forget the infinite possibilities that are born of faith.” It seems that the whole of the prayer is about trust.
Some of us live with the attitude that we are owed something, that we have a right to things just because. But isn’t it true that our very lives have been gifted to each of us? We didn’t earn them. With that gift we have been entrusted to live fully, to contribute, to celebrate, to help and to give back. How different it feels to be trusted with life versus feeling owed something and filled with endless wants. The first enlarges and fulfills. The second diminishes and empties.
There is so much we trust . . . that the next breath will happen, that our hearts will beat, that water will come out of the tap, that light will shine at the turn of a switch. Most of such things we take for granted. We just act with the confidence of their presence. What if we could trust that the universe fully supports us? Would we not have an immense trust fund?
Probably all of us have some hidden distrust. Perhaps something happened in our earlier lives that hurt us, and we guard against it happening again with a sense of distrust. At that subtle level we may only remember the part that hurt and disregard how well we rallied from it. Why not trust our resilience? It helps us face life with more bounce to the ounce.
Trust in an abiding relationship takes time. It cannot be hurried. Let’s face it; we will never be completely trustworthy. The paradox is that when we are able to confess that we have done something wrong, trust has a chance. Repaired trust can bond us more deeply than trust that has never been tested.
A huge part in any significant relationship – parent to child, teacher to student, lover to loved one, is to trust each other to grow. If we require our selves or the other to be, as we need them to me in any fixed way versus growing and developing their own way, there will be no real life in the relationship. Trusting each other to grow is a profound way to live.
January 31, it’s the last day of the month. Being last doesn’t mean it isn’t also new. Newness is inherent in every day. It’s something we can trust when we also nurture newness of spirit inside us.