Brand New: Hints for the Heart

How we see, touch, hear, and ingest matters. It is a sacred path to dedicate and revere our senses as well as our capacity to stand, walk and talk, work, play, rest, and love. It is not only sensual but it is also embodied and profound. Perhaps use of our capacities in this manner will be an evolutionary key. Becoming love-consciousness may be the agency that will be central to the survival of our species and to the care of our planet home.

Timeless wisdom, poetic and true, to return to again and again as you journey on the path. Hints for the Heart is a beautiful invitation to enter the flow of our lives and discover the boundless mystery of who we really are.
—Tara Brach, author of Radical Acceptance

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Hints for the Heart, by Gunilla Norris

The Light of Evening

There is always growing to be done, and there are valuable things we older ones can nurture and live in the light of evening. With these words, bestselling author, spiritual master, and recent octogenarian, Gunilla Norris, invites us to join her on an enlightening exploration of growing older. Here, Norris offers reflections on the universal journey of aging by drawing upon her own story as well as the wisdom of other great spiritual guides. A must-read for anyone entering the second half of life, The Light of Evening reminds us that aging offers the unique opportunity to wake up to what really matters and embrace the freedom and grace of living in the light of God’s love.

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Called home, called to love, called to grieve, called to live—calling takes many forms in this stunning collection by Gunilla Norris, whose clarity of voice calls us to a deep listening. Hers is a voice by turns spare, elegant, raw, contemplative, and unfailingly honest. Hers are poems that know we are most urgently called to be human and to live our humanity fully. These are poems that ask questions, that explore both our creaturely and contemplative natures, finding them rooted so closely together that the poet herself at times emerges “sheer and stunning, like a prayer.”

Margaret Gibson
Poet Laureate of the State of Connecticut

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Calling the Creatures, by Gunilla Norris
Song and Silence: A Chant Experience

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