Asking Questions

Like a snail, a good question carries its answer on its back. Don’t underestimate the first answer that comes to mind when you are asked something spontaneously.

Phrases Posted on Facebook, September 2022

When did you last practice waltzing with a two year old? You’ll remember the smiles long after the music is gone.
Play is as important as serious work. We are de-lighted and en-lightened by the lightness of it. Here’s a playful question: Write a love letter to the wind? Why not? Through an open window one night it will say “thank  you” by tenderly caressing your cheek even if you’re asleep.
What a long evolutionary time it has taken for us humans to be upright and walking on firm ground. But when a seal looks you in the eye, will you remember you, too, were sleek and came out of water?
Don’t you know the inside of everything can’t be found? But laugh and suddenly you are there!
Why do you want what you do not have? For sure that kind of wanting will keep your cupboards bare.
If you were completely free of self-judgment, knew you are loved and had full inner permission for self-expression what would you begin?
Who doesn’t want to be safe? Still a whole life can be lived in that dusty dungeon.
Start an inner revolution? That’s easy! Say “thank you” a hundred times more often than saying “no”.
What’s up must come down. Right? No, what’s up is always happening. It doesn’t have time to come down.
How many sugar cookies on the head of a pin? What a silly question when you can eat one.
Where are you going in such a hurry? Your soul is breathless. Slow down and let it catch up.
What’s so special about wonder? We get to be wonder-full!
Forgetting about yesterday, forgetting about tomorrow, we are right in the middle like peanut butter between slices of bread. And there is good jelly, too. We only get to taste it in the now.
Looking in the mirror some sunny morning you might suddenly ask, “Who am I really?” The ensuing silence is a gentle and roomy answer. It will give you the space to answer but just for today.
As kids when we asked, “What’s for desert?” the frustrating answer was “wait and see pudding with guess again sauce”. That sounds like the answer to a lot of different questions.
We ask when we don’t know. When we know, who needs to ask? It’s best then to whisper a soft “Amen”.
 What makes you smile and grow warm all over?
What attitude or action would let you feel most yourself?
What wakes you up to the living moment?