A Mystic Garden

A Mystic Garden is of course about gardening, affirming the garden as a soulful place where people can take root and can blossom. Any time we make a garden, even a tiny one, we are both working the soil and cultivating our inner ground. There we can become aware of the great gift of life and of the earth that sustains us. John Giuliani’s images introduce each section of the book.


We are often afraid of full blooming, of holding nothing back. And how much we also want it. Is not the place we can be hurt, and the place we are fulfilled, the very same place?I touch the soft satin of the rose petals. Here is pink gold. Here is unfolding, unfolding until the petals give way and float to the ground, the free fall of fulfillment. This morning I watch the wind lift one petal, gently loosening it. The petal drifts down to my feet, offering its silent wisdom — blossom unafraid and let go.

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