Becoming Bread

Becoming Bread is a book about bread making; it is also about the process of becoming nourishment for others. We all know that love and bread must be made freshly every day. In using this metaphor each phase of the process can be seen to reveal the power of love to comfort, to heal and to transform. John Giuliani’s lovely drawings enhance the book.


Making bread is as mysterious as loving and yet it is something anyone can do. To make bread we know we need some kind of kitchen. To love we know we must meet each other somewhere. We know that place of meeting is none other than the here and now. There is no meeting anywhere else. We cannot live separately from what is.We are given bodies. We are given the world. We are given time. But without attention, without awareness, without true presence, we do not meet, we do not find each other. There is no kitchen.

Let us meet where we already are, in the elements of our vulnerability. In this we are together and we cannot do without each other. This is basic. Our neighbor is our self.

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