Being Home

Being Home is a collection of meditations in which our household tasks are closely and contemplatively examined, inviting the reader to explore the holy ground that these activities actually are. It is also an essay on how and why we should work toward simplicity — materially, socially and spiritually. The photographs by Greta Sibley are beautiful companions to the text.


Sometimes saying prayers keeps us from being prayers. Words come then not in response to life but in substitution for life. We think the map is the territory and we are untouched by the smells and wonders of actual living. For me the orientation that I want to embrace more and more is toward receiving my life, toward a continual intention to make room for Mystery’s way within me. I don’t think we can go deeply into our selves — but Life seeking itself can go deeply in us. We can be infused, loved and fathomed by it. And when we are, we cannot help but sing out our joy. We need that activity in us to be ourselves.
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