Embracing the Seasons

How rich and layered our lives become when we are aware and respectful of all that lives with us. Embracing the Seasons is a book about learning to live in such relatedness throughout the seasons of the year. To be seasoned by seasons is to be embraced by them and to live in harmony with the sacredness of all life.

The book begins in the spring, with the birds singing in the darkness of dawn and the buds knobbing up on the trees and bushes, and then circles through the warmth and richness of summer, the golden bounty of fall, and the dark serenity of winter. Until it is spring once more. Embracing the Seasons opens our eyes to ordinary wonders and not so ordinary meanings in the small events and encounters of the everyday. By illuminating the joy and beauty of daily life, it is an invitation to find and honor the place we call home.

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