My book, Match: Bringing Heart and Will into Alignment, is a book about passion, about sticking to a practice that is seemingly very small and easy over a long period of time because that action is an outward visible sign of a deep intention for inner growth that we want to nurture and bring into being. It takes both heart and will to do such a thing. We know that love and persistence are needed for any long haul. To train ourselves to keep the inner fire burning is what this book is all about.

D. Donovan of the Midwest Review wrote the following:

“Self-improvement readers all too often receive books of admonitions that focus more on end results than the actual nuts and bolts of the process itself. Match is all about firing up a course of action and committing to its enactment: and if 90 days of focused meditation and reflection sounds easy—it’s not. . . . This is only the beginning of a life-long journey. . . .Those ready to undertake such a journey will find no better starting point than Match.”

Parker Palmer wrote:

“Illumined by a lifetime of wisdom Norris shares in yet another beautifully written book, Match describes a life-giving practice towards transformation.”

Stephen cope wrote:

“In Match, Gunilla Norris offers an exceptionally beautiful and surprising new form of practice that has all of the best and most essential components of classical spiritual practice: it is appealingly simple, practical, honest and real.”

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