The single best book I know on the subject of the sacrament of the present moment, and a great work of devotional literature.

— M. Scott Peck

Just when I had about given up, along comes Gunilla Norris to reaffirm the possibility of writing prayers about real life in today’s world.

— Rabbi Harold S. Kushner

So many voices nowadays call for integration of contemplation with daily life, but few reveal such helpful and luminous ways of doing it as Gunilla Norris.

— Joanna Macy

Remove your shoes, for this is holy ground. I was almost breathless with wonder at the beauty of Gunilla Norris’s words – so simple and yet so profound, striking home gently because they are so true, so authentic.

— Bishop Desmond M. Tutu

Gunilla Norris’s meditations are beautiful and human and show the glory in the ordinary.

— Madeleine L.Engle

Gunilla Norris brings a new awareness of the sacred nature of all life.

— Anne Bancroft

Just reading this book makes you want to sit down, take a deep relaxing breath and refresh your spirit.

— Jack Kornfield

What Gunilla Norris has to say is heartwarming, heart-healing. She takes the reader by the hand and leads the way – practically and down-to-earth –into a peace of heart that is beyond words.

— Brother David Steindl-Rast

Gunilla Norris’s simple precepts for meditating and living have a translucent quality. We can all benefit greatly by observing them.

— Thich Nhat Hanh

A book to live rather than read. Gunilla Norris doesn’t tell you what to see, but how to see. She doesn’t tell you where to go, but how to know when you have arrived.

— Rabbi Rami Shapiro

Gunilla Norris has given us a book of immeasurable grace and wisdom. Her lyrical and practical meditations help us to find peace of mind, sustained awareness, and the capacity to care about what really matters, both for ourselves and for our world.

— Gail Straub