Wanting What Is Already True

How amazing to want what is already true. It is a mysterious path worthy of engagement.  Can you see? Can you hear? Can you walk? Can you talk? Can you hug? Can you love? “To them that have more shall be given” is a true saying. The moment we realize the gifts that are already in our lives, we will be in wonder for the list is endless.  We’ll want to give back. That life-giving impulse is also something we already have.

Phrases Posted on Facebook, August 2022

Everything is changing all the time. Possessing anything permanently is impossible. How lovely then to want what is now and fleeting though it is also mysteriously held in timelessness. Perhaps that is being in the world and not of it.
When I made a big decision in my life such as choosing a career path, entering a significant relationship, or finding a new home, something within me seemed to sense what was already true and I chose that. Some choices led to painful experiences, but they became the right lessons. I am sure I am not alone in this. We do have a mysterious instinct about what already is even though it seems we don’t consciously know it.
To want what we have is deep, spiritual work, for what we have can sometimes be joyous, devastating or difficult in one way or another. It helps me to consider that what lies under and behind any of my circumstances and experiences is meant for me, not in a punishing way but as a way to evolve. Could it be that I am being opened to become more inclusive, more loving, more accepting? Perhaps you are wondering something like this as well?
When we don’t like something we spend precious energy resisting what is. What a waste! We could see something we don’t like and say, “I see you and I don’t like you. I resist you, but I know you are not going away no matter how much I disapprove. So let me do something new and get busy with what I can approve of and give my precious energy to.”
Admitting our native beauty and genuine goodness is strangely difficult for most of us. We certainly want the truth of it, but we get soul-shy. It’s too close to the bone the way the truth always is. Such sheer self-recognition will make us vulnerable and also quite humble.
When we pick anything at all, however small, and want it to exist we will be in an immediate connection to our own existence. We’ll actually be in mutual radiance. Since everything is connected to everything else in the universe we will be practicing something true and blessed.
It’s good to be inclusive. There are so many things that are simultaneously true, and that is also true. To want to embrace the vastness of what’s true is a very big deal. We get to be universal as well as individual.
There is an ancient practice that when practiced over time can bring about true joy. It affirms what is already true and only asks that the practitioner want that inherent truth that is inside him or her self. Here it is: Rub your hands against each other to warm them. Place them gently over your heart and feel your physical and emotional warmth stream into your heart plexus. Softly whisper “WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL ” until you sense your heart and spirit has gotten the message and you are at one with this.
Isn’t what is true exactly what is happening in the moment? Now is both simple and endlessly complex. Why do we wish for a fake world when the real on with its horror and beauty knocks our socks off? Terror, wonder and delight tell us we are living life. We are life. Don’t we really want that?
There are things we might not like about our bodies, our feelings, our thinking and our circumstances. Constant dislike is like the cloud around Pigpen’s head in the Peanuts cartoon. We are seeing the world and ourselves in a self-made smog. Giving up dislike is hard, but it gives us a chance to appreciate the crazy uniqueness of others and of ourselves. We are each one of a kind. What’s wrong with wanting that to be true?
There are three fundamental truths: Everything is always changing. Everything is connected to everything else. Everything is eventually vulnerable. Together they are the dynamics of reality. We can’t not want them. THEY ARE. But we can cultivate compassion and embrace them for that practice let us live with each other and with grace.
What do you want that is already true? I believe for most of us it is to want what we are already grateful for. The more we feel grateful, the more things to be grateful for come to mind. Even in the midst of great difficulties there is more goodness than we are able to know. It is by being grateful that we cultivate a stream of goodness and then, as mentioned earlier, the saying that “for to them that have more shall be given” will be true.
In our heart of hearts lives a deep truth asking to be made manifest. That glowing center doesn’t belong to us, but has been given to us by virtue of being born that we might live and emanate it. I wonder if you agree that whether we know it or not, whether we act on it or not, there is a longing to find a way to live out of that well of inner truth?