Sheltered in the Heart

Sheltered in the Heart is a book about spirituality in deep friendship. It invites the reader to think about what it takes to be in and to develop an abiding, loving and conscious relationship. In its pages we are reminded that to have the deep love of a friend is to have the shelter in which to embody more and more of the essence that we each are. In holding each other with trust and compassion our shells fall away and we emerge into the world as freer beings. Participating in a true friendship is profound and holy work. Sheltered in the Heart is a companion for the journey.

Sheltered in the Heart was the silver medal winner of a 2014 Nautilus Book Award, a gold medal winner in the 2014 Next Generation Indie Book Awards and the winner of the 2013 Foreword Review Book of the Year Awards.


A profound characteristic of a deep friendship is that it is faithful. This means a quality of presence that can be counted on over time. It means an innocence of heart that remains open even in difficulty. It means a trust that whatever befalls us; our friendship can be understood to be about mutual development. In the marriage ceremony we say for better or for worse. In a consecrated friendship we might say in trust that Spirit is taking us deeper into life.Faithfulness is a virtue that can tolerate disappointment and difficulty. It makes us human persons instead of mere individuals. Faithfulness is not some kind of blind acquiescence and acceptance of one another. Faithfulness has muscle. It has duality built into it for we need to be faithful to our own inner truth as well as to support the truth of our friend. This may challenge us to be true in opposite directions. In that tension the new in both of us can be born.

The ability to bear tension with vigor and equanimity is what makes music of relatedness. Think of a guitar and how its strings must be fastened at two ends and must be strung to a bearing pitch. It is only possible in that condition to play the instrument and to sound a true note. In a deep friendship we cannot escape that our hearts have to be tuned frequently. We will be asked to confront one another at times, to say yes and no clearly and to love each other through conflicting desires.

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