Living from the Source

Daily we see and hear about the misuse of power. I wonder often, as I am sure you are doing also, about how to live in such a dark and troubled time? I believe each one of us is a soul trusted with our share of radiance from the Source. Teaching from the ancients is that living and acting from our Source and not our ego is the steady way. I want to try to make this a daily invitation for my troubled spirit. Please join me this month.

Phrases Posted on Facebook, October 2020

I have a friend who once said that since God made a penguin, then God must have a sense of humor. Applied to ourselves it would look like this: Gunilla, since God made you then God must have a sense of humor. I think to live from the Source I need to have a sense of humor about myself and about others.
There’s a certain amount of conscious realization to live from the Source. Bottom-line I think it’s knowing that we didn’t make ourselves. We were given life. To accept that gift is to know that it is re-given every day we are alive. We can’t take our existence for granted. We need to say thank you continually.
When I really get that everything I have is on loan, even my body, then I know I have been completely funded by the Source, and it only seems right that what I do with all of it needs to be in consultation with the Giver of it. Seems like a one step program.
Living from the Source is to daily silence our self-activity, the ego’s sense of self-importance and power, to listen deeply instead to where Love wants to take us and motivate us. It is to wait patiently until we hear/sense/fell that things aren’t really up to us. We will be plenty busy, maybe more so, but from a different center of operations.
There’s no doubt that each one of us has been wanted by the source. Think of the thousands of helicopter seeds a mature maple produces in the spring and only a few of those take root. The same goes for the thousands of semen when only one attaches to an egg and becomes a person. It’s profound to know we are wanted and that we have our lives because of it.
Every day, if we listen closely, we will hear a whisper, an intuition about what matters today. And that can help us know what we should be about in the hours ahead. It’s really tuning into the Source.
Every day is a new gift to us from the Source. What will we do with this day to know we are gifted? With full awareness choose something as Rumi so beautifully put it:” Let the beauty we love be what we do. There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground.”
The leaves are coming down. The daylight is diminishing. The news is dreadful. When things are as hard and bleak as they are, most of us have a hard time feeling our Source. And yet . . . and yet . . . we have to keep on trucking. Why not then be a ray of sunshine for someone, a little source of comfort and joy? That little bit may paradoxically remind us of the real Source, and we’ll be comforted.
We are so relentlessly bombarded with negative information it’s hard to find a footing, let alone a path to walk with any confidence. Turning off all devices for a short time has been advised, but there’s no button to turn of apprehension and confusion, is there? Taking deep breaths for a minute or two helps. We could make to those breaths into body prayers. Along with the in breath we could allow ourselves to be filled by our Source. On the outbreath, we could turn everything that concerns us over to our Source.
In whatever way we can, there is a way to make every day a day of mutual radiance. At the core in everyone is goodness, a goodness that was given to us when we took birth. However we might act outwardly, it is nevertheless there deep inside like a seal from the Source. When we act from that center there is always some radiance visible. Think what bright days there can be in mutual radiance!!
Everything in the universe is hitched to everything else. We are in whatever mess we are in together. Sending even a bit of compassion or tiny blessing into the mess of it all is to trust that someone else whom we shall never know is blessing us in return. There’s no return to sender address, just simple, mutual sourcing in the bush telegraph way.
It’s All Hallow’s Eve. Masks on. We’ve certainly seen them throughout this contentious presidential campaign. Beyond promised treats and threatening tricks, I want to remember that the Source of life makes no false promises or threats. Instead I am given a new day, every day.