A World Within

All of us have a “world within”. Sometimes it is a whirlwind and sometimes nothing but grace. At the center of our inner world is a quiet, a place of healing and rest. It is a magnetic state of being that can change everything in our lives. We need to be quiet frequently to feel that deep pull to the center.

Phrases Posted on Facebook, April 2023

I imagine all of us have had “AHA” moments when something fell into place, and we sensed that we rally understood it. I am certain that those special messages come from the world within us. They are a good reason to cultivate a relationship with that world.
So much of what we think is unknown to us. We have swallowed a lot of concepts and attitudes without conscious consent. The world below awareness is full of stuff that can be limiting or freeing. I like to ask myself to see clearly something in a day that I hold dear (It can be a prejudice, a longing, a fear or secret joy). It is strange that merely by asking, that thing tends to turn up, and I then have a chance to consciously decide if it is really true for me.
Some people are afraid of who they might be in their world within. That fear keeps them on the surface of life, a sad fact, when, if they dared, they could be schooling their intuition to discover depths of meaning and help waiting for them within.
Sometimes I sit at the Quaker Meeting on Sundays (First Day as the Quakers call Sunday) I just feel antsy. My world within is disruptive and the shared silence  magnifies my jitters. But there are more times when the shared silence is a balm and the world within is a place of peace. Why speak of this? The only answer I can give is that steady times of silence make for transformation in the world within. Those uncomfortable jitter-times are the price we pay as we find the way to deeper and better places.
I love to witness a singer, a painter, a dancer, a poet or healer who is unabashedly sharing their world within. They give off light and good vibes. I am awakened inside and the world then seems more full of possibilities and wonder.
Carl Jung was a master of discovering the world within. He proposed that if we would sit with an image from a dream, for instance, and observe it, the image would change over time and would eventually reveal its meaning. Not withdrawing nor reacting, but being with whatever has come to us whether wonderful or disturbing, we will eventually know the gift of it.
Within each human being is a connection to the whole. We each carry a little part of the world whether we know it or not. Why not make that conscious and create a safe, creative space for it in our beings?