Already from the very start there is a theme to our lives. As we mature we can nurture and make it visible. We are not doomed. Rather we are groomed by life. In time our authenticity can be shared, and then a sense of wholeness will be felt.

When I take a quiet moment (or several over a period of time) and ask my body for its wisdom, there is almost always a subtle sense of what wants to be discovered.

Amazing that it is already there, shyly waiting to be found. I believe this could be true for almost everyone.

Phrases posted on Facebook, October 2021

Sometimes it helps whatever shakiness we may have to take an inventory of all we already enjoy: eyes, ears, touch, breath, sun, trees, water, other beings, persons we love dearly. The list can get so long that our shakiness shuts up for a little while and we find we can just amazingly BE.
Here’s a stunning quote from William Sullivan: “We live in a time when the greatest from of courage is to act as if our lives made a difference.” Fundamentally, always and ALREADY not only do black lives matter, all lives matter. It’s a time to live our lives courageously, thoughtfully and gratefully.
Already the tiniest of hearts is capable of immense joy. Already that which we long for is within and longs for us and reaches out for us.
Already something we do not know and that yet somehow belongs to us and is just right, sits at the back of our awareness. Why not welcome its nudge? That seemingly amorphous intuition knows us better than we do. It will open new doors.
Already every one of us is larger and more significant than what we do or how we think of ourselves.
Everything that is truly meaningful is already exactly where we are. It is up to us to believe that it’s there and to discover it, see it, nurture it and share it. Call it love or presence. Call it Dear Innermost. We need to call it into our awareness.
It seems we are rushing a lot of the time and lose ourselves in the whoosh and lose the wonder of what is around us supporting us. Here’s advice from Thomas Merton: “You don’t go rushing after what is already there. You wait, give it time, give it time gradually to reveal itself in you. (Please notice the word “in”.) Nothing is lost. Not time is wasted. Let’s give ourselves the time for these things to happen.”
I’m a planner. Future events and responsibilities are often on my mind. But what if I could stop that pattern and see what already exists, what is already good and going in the right direction? It would be a vacation from effort and vigilance, wouldn’t it? To practice saying “already” a few times a day, I’d become aware of the good I already have and receive it many times over.
Before our personalities are shaped and socialized, many of us seem to sense “something” deep down that feels like our gem, a truth that can’t be erased. It’s already there and often in the shadows. We are born with it, and as we live, we discover it and bring it into more consciousness. That “something” is a gift of possibility. When we nurture it with care, we become more of who we truly are.
Tomorrow is Halloween. What spooks us? Everyone has something, and it feels very real to us as if it had mysterious power over us. Mostly it is a habit of thought that’s been repeated so often that if feels like part of us, in other words, natural. But, if for even one moment, we could catch it working us, we would recognize it for the thought structure it is and we could say BOOH!!! to it.