There can be change that is cataclysmic, and we are forced to adapt. But that may not transform us. To transform inwardly is a deep and mysterious process, something good to mull over.

Phrases Posted on Facebook, November 2022

Makeovers are an attempt to transform us into more physical attractiveness with the hope that such good looks will bring us what we want. Our souls, however, can’t be made over. They can be honored and listened to. That kind of attention begins transformations that are not on the surface. Intuitively listening to what you experience when asking, “Anything I should know, dear soul of mine?” can begin a mighty process.
The first important thing in transforming anything is to allow ourselves time. Giving ourselves time is one of the most generous things we can do if we want to change at a fundamental level.
Transformation is rarely something that occurs all at once. The second important thing is to take small persistent steps. If we choose just one small thing to change and keep it up, keep it up, keep it up, it will move mountains.
The third important thing to realize and to give thanks for is any small positive change we notice. Judgment stops progress. Encouragement and appreciation leads to hopefulness and action.
The fourth thing to know as we change is that there will be hiccups and interruptions in the process. Course correction is every bit as important in a journey as setting the destination. It actually builds interior muscle .
The fifth thing in transformation is to choose well who can and will support us. We need at least one person to be our witness who really understands what we are trying to do. Going it alone has much pride in it. Why not receive the companionship we need as we move forward?
The sixth thing to remember while we transform is that though we are responsible for our actions, things aren’t all up to us. The universe is behind anything that leads to good for us and for others. Receiving spiritual help and the accidental “leg ups” that just seem to happen is of enormous encouragement.
Laughing at ourselves as we stumble along is a great boon in transformation. We are, after all, works in progress. It’s important to have inner permission to be humorous about our confusion, our occasional stalling, our tiredness and our misadventures. They can teach us a lot if we can laugh with them and make friends with them.
Having fun days without any agenda but enjoyment furthers transformation much more than we ever realize. Will that be today? Good not put it off too long.
We so often focus on what is wrong with us and with others . . . too fat, too loud, not thoughtful, lazy, envious, stupid, mean, etc. etc. etc. A quiet transformation can come if we would focus on what is already good and right about us and about others. This is not self-congratulatory or falsely praising others. When done in the right spirit, it is actually humbling and will transform us. It also may help others develop more of what is good and right about them and the same about
Our problems and difficulties are catalysts for transformation. When we can look at them as the matrix for developing our wholeness we are like beautiful quartz crystals that actually need the schist (I know this sounds like another word), muddy, sometimes dark, gray stuff that actually is the substance that creates the gem.
We all know there’s nothing that transforms us more than releasing resistance and embracing acceptance. Such releasing is not abdication. It actually creates a neutral space within us where something new has a chance to emerge. Add gratitude and the inner sun will shine brightly.